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Artists, Crafters, Vintage & Antique Sellers

Vendors Wanted

Welcome to a curated collection of the best regional collectors, crafters, artists and sellers of unique handmade, crafted, vintage and antiques. My goal is to provide a unique, upscale, and attractive shopping experience. We love it when vendors style their displays.

You may sign up for individual or multiple dates. Payment information is due at time of application. Your card will be billed when you are accepted. See the application for more details or to pay by check.

This market is for you, if...

Your wares fall into the following categories:
Vintage, antiques and collectables which are at least 20 years old.
Art and crafts created by you, or designed by you and created with a production partner to your specifications.
Unique supplies for arts and crafts, such as minerals and gems, beads, fabrics.

We are currently not accepting services, direct sales, MLM, mass produced products or items that do not fit within the guidelines.

Show us your stuff!
Photos or your wares/booth displays and/or webstore or social links are required for consideration. If this is your first show, please send us photos of your products and submit any social links, Etsy or similar that features your work.

If you have any questions or would prefer a print and mail-in application, please contact me. The best way to reach me is by email to leah@vintagelandiamarket.com. You can also text me or leave a message at: 707-931-1951.

Market Details

Market Rules & Conditions

  • Vendors will be notified separately after review of your submission of acceptance.
  • You may sign up for individual or multiple market dates.
  • A signed contract and full payment is due at time of acceptance. No fees are collected day of event. Space is not reserved until payment is received.
  • Art and handcrafted items must be created by the vendor or designed and created with a production partner to the artist’s specifications.
  • Unique supplies for arts and crafts, such as, but not limited to minerals and gems, beads, fabrics are allowed.
  • Vintage, antique and collectables must be at least 20 years old . Parking your vehicle in your booth is allowed with a 20 x 20 or larger space. Please indicate when you apply.
  • A California sellers permit is required for all vendors.
  • Food vendors must have the required Napa county health permits.
  • Vendors are expected to sell the types of items listed at the time of application. Sharing booths is only allowed with prior written consent of Vintagelandia Market and all categories of items being sold must be submitted with the application.
  • The number of spaces available per category of arts, crafts, and food will be limited and depends on the total number of vendors.
  • Vintagelandia Market reserves the right to demand removal by Vendor of any item which may not be in keeping with the shows image and to remove non-conforming exhibits and vendors.
  • Spaces are assigned at Vintagelandia’s discretion. Vendors who attend on a regular basis are given first preference for space assignments followed by occasional or new vendors.
  • Parking is adjacent to the market, unless noted in your contract. Vendors may pull up to space to load and unload.
  • Show hours are the 3rd Saturday of every month from 9 am - 3 pm, unless otherwise noted.
  • Set up from 7:00 - 9:00 am.
  • Pack up from 3:00 - 5:00 pm
  • Out of fairness for all vendors, and for the best market experience for shoppers, packing up before 3 pm is not allowed. Vendors who leave early will not be invited to return for future shows.
  • Tables or equivalent for display are required. We do not provide tables or allow vending on the ground.
  • Canopies, tents and umbrellas must be appropriately weighted at all times regardless of weather and per City of Napa requirements. If you plan to use a canopy or tent larger than 10 x 20, or multiple tents to create a space bigger than 10 x 20 please contact us for specific requirements.
  • No electricity is provided. Power banks are acceptable. Generators are not allowed. 
  • You must remove everything, including trash, from the assigned space when you leave.
  • No smoking is allowed on campus.
  • No drama. Vendors are expected to show respect to fellow vendors, staff, the venue and customers. 
  • Cancellation Policy: This event is rain or shine. Space rental fees will not be returned if the vendor cancels. Any vendor who fails to show up for any show for which he/she has contracted will forfeit space rental fee. Cancellations earlier than one week prior to the show will be credited to the next show. Any vendor cancellations within 1 week of the show will not be credited or refunded.
  • In case of cancellation due to severe weather or other unexpected events beyond the control of the organizer, space rental fees will be applied to the next available date. A makeup date within the same month may be provided depending on the availability of the facilities.
  • This event is not sponsored nor endorsed by the Napa Valley Community College District.
  • All municipal, state and federal requirements in connection with sales must be fulfilled, including licenses and permits, sales tax, electrical, fire department regulations and no smoking ordinances.
  • Vendor waves any claim against Vintagelandia Market, and Napa Valley Community College District. The vendor assumes all liability for loss or damage to vendor’s property entrusted to the premises. We recommend providing your own insurance.
  • Vendor shall hold Vintagelandia Market, and Napa Valley Community College District harmless and shall indemnify Vintagelandia Market and Napa Valley Community College District against all liability or expense arising out of any claim or injury or damage to any person or property together with all cost in connection with defense thereto, including attorney’s fees. The above mentioned parties will not be held responsible if show is cancelled for any reason.