Vendor Referral Program

Earn Savings On Space Fees

Earn a credit of 2.5% for each new vendor you refer.

It's easy. All you have to do is refer a new vendor to Vintagelandia Market and have them include your name on their application in the "Referred by" line when they apply. 

Receive a booth fee credit of 2.5% for each new vendor referred to the market. Referrals must be listed on the application to receive credit. Limit four referrals per month per existing vendor. Referred vendors must be new to the market, apply to be accepted, pay booth fees and attend as contracted. Once the new vendor has attended, referral credit will applied to your fees for the next payment invoice. The 2022 referral program ends December 31, 2022. Any remaining referral credits must be used by March 2023.